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Filming & taking photos

For the protection and also privacy of all our patients and staff members, it is not permitted to film and/or photograph without permission. To request permission for professional videos or photos meant for publication please contact the Department of Communications & Marketing through

Permission is exclusively given in case of recordings:

  • in the interest of patient care and/or
  • in the interest of the hospital and/or
  • in the interest of the relationship between the hospital and the applicant and/or
  • in the general public interest.
Patients can never be visible in the photo and/or video without prior written permission from the patient. This also applies to recordings/ drone shots outside on the hospital premises. In addition, recordings can never disturb patient care.

In order to protect the privacy of our patients and staff, there are rules for taking photos, making videos and audio recordings.

The following rules apply to patients, clients and visitors:

  • Do you want to share a photo or video for instance on social media? Please make sure there are no other people visible in the background of your photo/video.
  • You can take photos or make videos of yourself in the hospital, but other patients or staff members should not be recognizable whether visible or audible.
  • Do not take photos or make videos of other people. If you want to record someone else anyway, please ask permission from that person in advance. Always state what the purpose is or what you want to do with the taken photo or video.
  • If someone is unable to give permission, you are not permitted to take photos or make videos of this person.
  • You cannot take photos or make videos of children without the permission of parents or guardian.
  • Use of hidden cameras is not permitted at the Horacio Oduber Hospital.

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