Patient care units

A total of 280 general - and specialized nurses provide professional care to our patients at HOH. Aruba is a small island and unfortunately does not have sufficient local nurses to keep a Hospital like HOH running. Therefore, we are always actively looking for professionals abroad. This leads to a team of professionals from diverse cultures working together to provide the best care from beginning to end.

As well as providing day-to-day compassionate care and treatment for patients, our nurses also provide information for the patients and their families to help them understand their treatment and make informed decisions about their own healthcare.

The Horacio Oduber Hospital has the following patient care units:
  • Inpatient ward (medical and surgical)

    - Isolation rooms (1 bed per room)
     - Semi- private rooms (2 or 4 beds per room)

  • Intensive Care Unit(ICU)/ Medium Care Unit(MCU)/Coronary Care Unit(CCU)
  • Pediatric & Neonatal ward
  • Maternity & Obstetrics ward
  • Ambulatory care
Semi-private bedroom (2 beds)

Each unit provides care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except ambulatory care). Next to the professional nurses on each patient care unit we also have a ward doctor ready for you if you have any questions regarding your treatment. The ward doctor is in close contact with the specialist about your care and treatment. Each patient care unit is managed and coordinated by a care manager.

You will see the specialists and ward doctor every day during patient rounding. When indicated and after consulting with the specialist or nurse you may also be assisted by another caregiver such as a physiotherapist, dietician, social worker etc. as part of your treatment.

For more information regarding admission at our hospital click here for our Admission’s booklet (in Papiamento).

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