Calamity Team

The hospital proudly introduced in 2006 a Calamity team known as the ‘Hulpverlenersteam (HVT) that is trained to act in the event a calamity occurs. The calamity team can assist in fighting a starting fire and providing first aid, as well as in evacuating victims and giving instructions to people in the building and on the premises.

Because of its geographic location the hospital has chosen to form its own calamity team to perform certain preparatory tasks awaiting the arrival of professional help, and to reduce the impact of calamities. The members of the HVT are all hospital employees, giving them the advantage of being familiar with the facilities and premises.

The members are selected from all sectors and disciplines within Horacio Oduber Hospital in order to have HVT members 24/7 available in the building. The HVT members are trained in prevention, internal emergencies and calamities. They participate in the annual national trainings, (for instance tsunami wave or an airplane crash).

For more information regarding the calamity team, you can contact Milka Wernet, Manager Security, by telephone (+297) 527 4720 or email

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