Patients’ Rights & Duties

As a patient you have the right to receive the best care possible by competent care-givers, but you also have certain duties. This information is important as this will facilitate your stay at the Hospital.

Patients’ rights

You have the right to receive information from your specialist, physician, nurse or any other caregiver that is clear and understandable about:

  • Your health condition
  • The nature of the treatment or the examination
  • The test results
  • The expected duration of the treatment and the expected timeframe for the results
  • Any other treatment options
  • The consequences or risks, if there are any, of the treatment or examination (for example side effects, pain or discomfort etc.)

Patients’ duties

Be very clear when informing your specialist, physician, nurse or any other caregiver about your medical issues. We also suggest to make prior arrangements for help at home if necessary.  

It is very important to write down all your questions in advance for the specialist or physician, so that you will not forget anything.

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