Medical Staff (ASHA)

The Medical Staff represents all medical specialists working in Aruba, both independent and those employed by the Horacio Oduber Hospital. In 2015, the Medical Staff became an official association named Asociacion di Specialista Hospital di Aruba (ASHA).

By representing the medical doctors in the hospital, the ASHA is an important interlocutor for the board of directors and core management team. Together they work to continually improve the quality of care and maintain a good working relationship between the hospital and its physicians.

The goals of ASHA are:

  • promote optimal quality of medical care for all patients in Aruba
  • promote a scientifically responsible, safe and efficient working environment for its members
  • promote cooperation and joint responsibility for hospital policy and organization
  • promote communication between the medical specialists and other internal and external parties
  • promote cooperation with other associations of physicians in Aruba

The Board of the Medical Staff/ASHA consists of:

  • Dr. R. K. Leong, president
  • drs. M. Brouns, vice-president and secretary
  • drs. D. S. Kuiken, treasurer
  • drs. M. E. van Dalen, member
  • drs. G. Rodenburg, member
  • drs. J. M. H. V. Valize-Boderie, policy officer medical staff

Annual reports ASHA:

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