Board of Directors

The Foundation known as “Stichting Ziekenverpleging Aruba” operates Horacio Oduber Hospital.

The Board of directors currently consists of:

Jacco Vroegop

Chairman Board of Directors

Gregory Croeze

Chief Financial Officer

The Board of Directors of the Hospital are responsible for managing the day-to-day business and general affairs of the Horacio Oduber Hospital. This, in regard to the strategy, finances and the quality of care. They provide oversight and accountability, making sure that standards are followed and resources are appropriately managed. They guide the Core Management team of the hospital to work together on sustainable and positive operations.

The Board of directors is supported by a Secretary of the Board of Directors and an administrative office.

The Board of directors is accountable to the Supervisory Board.

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If you have questions or feedback, you can always contact the board secretary, Mrs. Esther Thiel- Arends by sending an email to

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