Quality & Safety

The cluster Quality & Safety is multidisciplinary ensuring that both Quality and Safety is managed on a high level within the HOH. Collectively, the services of the cluster safeguard’s the well-being of employees, clients, and their families. In addition, the cluster supports the managing staff, provides frameworks and has an advisory role within the HOH. It is also responsible for establishing the necessary quality tools such as document management, incident management, the JCI Navigator and for developing and monitoring internal policies.

Establishing a sustainable and integrated quality system that supports, monitors, and improves the safe provision of care and all of its surrounding processes is fundamental in order to facilitate the quality improvement path of the HOH. Ultimately, aim is to obtain the JCI accreditation.

Furthermore, the cluster supports quality improvement projects. We monitor improvement measures resulting from audits and investigations and focus on the prevention of hospital-acquired infections. Another area that we take care of is the facilitation of employees facing corporate social challenges and the guidance of clients and their families in their spiritual needs. Included in the improvement process is our complaints mediator who takes care of the complaint procedure in the event of dissatisfaction.  

The cluster also focuses on providing structure to internal committees and all matters related to the public health inspection body of Aruba. Members of the cluster actively contribute to multiple committees, including the Care Calamity Committee, Client Complaints Committee, Material Selection Committee, Medical Ethics Review Committee and the Blood transfusion Committee.

Services offered

  • Quality & Safety
  • Hygiene & Infection prevention
  • Corporate social work
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Volunteer work
  • Client complaints  


  • Quality improvement path & JCI-accreditation
  • Zenya DOC (Document management) & Zenya FLOW (Incident management)
  • Quality improvement measures & Quality improvement projects (QI)
  • Research & Audits

The quality officers in HOH, LABHOH & the Blood Bank as well as medical specialists provide their cooperation in these processes.

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