Maternity & Obstetrics

The Maternity/Obstetrics Unit is a highly specialized unit within the Horacio Oduber Hospital where expecting women, women with pregnancy complications, mothers, newborns and gynaecology patients are all cared for during admission. New parents can expect all necessary care and guidance during their stay on the unit. Our caring and supporting team is ready to help new parents welcome their new addition to their family.

Patients may immediately walk in for care when necessary. It is not required to go through Admissions department or the Emergency department. The Maternity / Obstetrics is situated on the first floor in the B tower and has a capacity of 5 delivery rooms, 7 semi private rooms, 6 private rooms, 1 high care room and an evaluation room. Expecting women can expect professional care from OB/ Gyn nurses, gynecologists and midwives. We have complete patient monitoring systems in all delivery rooms and high care rooms and one of our delivery room even provides the possibility to give birth under water through our birthing pool.

Upon admission, expecting women will receive dedicated care and evaluation. Depending on the medical situation, the midwife or gynecologist is notified. Working with gynecologists on duty, it may happen that care is given by another gynecologist than the one you are used to.

Information & Preparation

We advise all patients to ask assistance from two family members in the delivery room. We especially encourage the partner or father of the baby to be present during childbirth. The more support the patient gets from close relatives the better. It promotes a safe and relaxed labor and delivery.
All our rooms have their own restroom and shower and have a Smart TV available.  Each room provides space for visitors and for expecting fathers there are recliners and sleep benches. Your partner and/or other family member may only sleep over during your time in labor in the delivery room. When the patient is moved to the Maternity unit they are not able to stay and our visiting hours will be in effect.

If during your pregnancy there is a development issue or pathological problem you may be placed at our medium care unit. In some cases it may be necessary  to be transported for advanced medical care abroad due to complications.

After childbirth, the new mother is placed in the Maternity unit situated on the same floor. Our nurses here will assist new parents by providing instructions and guidance in how to care for their newborn. During the stay the midwife, pediatrician and gynecologist will visit on a regular basis. We promote breastfeeding for all our newborns and therefore the baby never or very seldom leave the side of their mother. Our special crib fits perfectly over the bed so mother does not have to leave the bed or strain to get her newborn out.

There is a special protocol in place for expectant teenage mothers/ parents. They are monitored and guided in the care of their newborns and themselves. We also encourage the presence of a Guardian/ Parent(s) to take part in the care and decision making if needed.

We provide most of the articles you will need for the delivery and care for the mother and baby. Please do bring your personal belongings. See below the suggested list to bring with you during your stay.

Visiting Hours

The father may visit between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. He may go and come as he pleases. He will receive a visitor's card which he must present to security staff in the main hall whenever visiting.

For all other family members and visitors:
Monday to Sunday from 11.30am – 13:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
*Please note that max 2 visitors are allowed at the same time and no kids <12 year

For a complete overview of all visiting hours click here.

For brochures about Maternity please click here.

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