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Everything done within the HOH is closely aligned with the overarching vision: “Accessible health care for everyone without compromising on quality.” The guiding mission is as follows: “Create an exceptional experience for everyone by providing health care in a compassionate environment with a professional team.” To achieve this, education is essential. Education within the HOH is organized by the HOHAcademy, also known as the Academy. The Academy provides everyone with the necessary training and keeps the staff’s skills up to date in order to ensure professionalism and quality control. The Academy not only works within HOH but also extends its reach to other organizations on Aruba, the entireCaribbean region, and theNetherlands. The Academy is self-governing and is represented in the daily management of the HOH through a manager. Considering the above, the Academy has formulated the following core values:

The HOH Academy:

  • Empowers individuals to reach their full potential;
  • Encourages lifelong learning;
  • Builds the health care of today and tomorrow;
  • Fosters innovation;
  • Creates safety and trust;
  • Promotes a sense of teamwork and responsibility;
  • Fosters mutual respect among diverse health care-related disciplines.

These core values translate into the following subgoals:

  1. Best practice: to be an educational institution for the HOH, Aruba and the region.
  2. Capacity building: to educate strategically based on effective needs.
  3. Network and collaboration: to collaborate with various stakeholders and establish an appropriate educational infrastructure and learning environment.
  4. Professionalization: to maintain and develop the competencies of heath care professionals.
  5. Research and development: to develop health care innovations and engage in scientific research.
  6. Quality assurance: to enhance the education and professionalization cycle.
  7. Supporting: to support the HOH in terms of education, promote awareness of the HOH's vision and mission, and uphold TRUSTED as core values.
HOH Academy's organization

The Academy is represented both internally and externally by a senior manager with an educational background and a healthcare-related history. To facilitate education, clinical teachers and teacher coordinators are present. There is a secretariat, under which there is an (inter)national internship office and a knowledge/information center with a physical library. The Academy is supported by a policy officer.

HOH Academy Team

Central Education Committee (COC)

To represent all education programs for all the disciplines that are part of the HOH, theCentral education commission (COC) has been established. The COC serves as an advising committee for strategy concerning the implementation and execution ofHOH education programs. Within the COC, four different education committees have been established:

  • Committee for nursing and paramedical education;
  • Committee for medical internship education;
  • Committee for A(N)IOS education;
  • Company training committee.

Each education committee is led by a chairperson with a relevant and qualified background.

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