Education Programs


Continuous learning and being open to new knowledge and developments is very important to us at the Horacio Oduber Hospital (HOH). We provide high-quality education and training, and in this way, position ourselves as a leading teaching hospital.

A healthy training climate primarily benefits the quality and safety of care. In addition, we also want to optimally benefit from the knowledge and training opportunities for the development of healthcare innovation and research.

The HOH, together with external training institutes, provides (specialized) training for nursing and medical support staff. Below you will find an overview of our courses.

  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Operation assistant
  • Dialysis nurse
  • Intensive Care (IC) nurse
  • Pediatric nurse
  • Oncology nurse
  • Emergency nurse


At our hospital, we are used to working with newly graduated doctors (ANIOS) who want to gain work experience such as practical skills and professional competences prior to their further specialization. They will receive guidance and supervision from the specialists, with an evaluation meeting taking place at least two times in the year to discuss professional development. Our hospital provides them with cross-discipline courses on a weekly basis and courses about topics requested by these young doctors themselves. We believe that the experiences they gain at our hospital is very valuable, not only in daily clinical practice, but also in order for them to make the right choice for a further specialization.


The HOH offers internships in many different disciplines. For more information please contact the dean of the HOH Academy at and the HOH academy at

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