Working in Aruba

One happy Island

In the warm waters of the Caribbean sea lies Aruba, our One Happy Island.
Aruba is located in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea, about 29 km north of Venezuela and 80 km northwest of Curaçao. It measures 32 km long from its northwestern to its southeastern end and 10 km across at its widest point.

In 1986, Aruba acquired a separate status within the Kingdom of The Netherlands and formally separated itself from the other islands of the Netherlands Antilles. Today, Aruba remains a constituent country of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. The local currency is the Aruban florin (AWG).

The population of Aruba consists of over 110,000 residents, which includes over 90 nationalities. The average Aruban can speak four languages: the native language of Papiamento, Dutch, English, and Spanish.

Aruba is also known for its warm and friendly inhabitants; you will feel right at home here!

Working and living in Aruba

Anyone who wants to work in Aruba needs a work permit.
The government agency in Aruba in charge of implementing the immigration policy of the Aruban government is DIMAS. You can find more information about this on

Anyone who wants to work in the healthcare industry in Aruba has to deal with various departments of the Aruban government: the DVG (Healthcare Department) and the DIMAS. The DIMAS is the government agency charged with implementing the immigration policy and issuing work permits. Once your certificates are registered at the DVG, the hospital will be able to request a work permit at the DIMAS. You can find more information about this here:

As soon as you receive your permit, you will be able to register at the Censo (the Population Register), and at AZV, our national health insurance organization. The AZV insurance is a general medical insurance for every citizen living in Aruba in order for them to have benefits and easy access to medical care.

Finally, you will have to look for a suitable accommodation. Fortunately, Aruba has specialized real estate agencies and brokers who can inform you about the Aruban procedures and legislation and can advise and guide you in this new and exciting adventure.

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