About HOH


In 1977 the Horacio Oduber Hospital (HOH) was established. HOH is called after the first Aruban physician. Right now, the hospital has grown into a regional hospital with over 1000 employees. Of these 1000 employees, 98 are medical specialists who are BIG registered. Together, they help over 110.000 Aruban inhabitants.

Ways of working

At HOH, we stand for quality, safety, education and hospitality. To make sure that this is established we work by the Dutch guidelines and the NIAZ- and ISO norms. Our goal is to be a sustainable hospital, in which happy and motivated employees work. Moreover, we strive to have a hospital where the focus is on the employees, where there is continuous training and where there is development and training available for everyone. Caring for the Aruban community is also a priority at our hospital and plays an important role in the improvement of health care in Aruba.


Our hospital accelerates in its cardio-interventions, bariatric surgery and oncologic surgery. Furthermore, we have an extensive maternity ward and our dialysis clinic offers progressive immunological treatments to more than 100 patients a week. Our ICU department was recently expanded to be able to attend 23 patients at once. We are also very proud of our good working relationship with other hospitals in the region, such as Sint-Maarten and Bonaire. Patients from the region can come to our hospital to receive treatments and interventions that might not be available where they live. Through this, we can help even more people who are in need of health care. In 2021, we opened the first obesity clinic program ‘Jump 18’, with the goal of tackling the childhood obesity problem in Aruba.


Because it’s important for our employees to have the opportunity to grow within the hospital we offer different kinds of education. First of all, we have our own academy (HOH Academy), which, together with the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam, takes care of specialistic nursing in-service education. Additionally, we offer high-quality education programs for our doctors and nurses.


HOH is investing in e-health and integral and transmural care pathways in order to have fewer chronic diseases and complications. In the future, we also strive to expand our services to care-tourism and to have a collaboration with the radiotherapeutic centre ImSan to help our patients even better. Furthermore, in 2022 we will round off our renovations so to be able to help even more people in Aruba!

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