About HOH

It is important for us to solve the problems from the past in order to make the sustainable hospital project a success. Our goal is to achieve a financially and culturally healthier high-quality hospital, in which happy and motivated employees work. In the beginning of 2021, there were extensive discussions at our hospital about the necessary changes to achieve this.

We would like to create a hospital in which the focus is on the employees, where there is continuous training and development available for everyone. A hospital where we switch from a vertical organization to a horizontal organization, in order to develop shared policies and to improve collaboration. A hospital in which we will be giving much more and better attention to hospitality for our employees and patients. At the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital, quality and safety are embedded in everything we do.

Our hospital wants to play an important role in the improvement of health care in Aruba, as well as in the region, and even work towards medical tourism, which will generate extra income that can be invested in our hospital & our employees.

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