Ambition and Vision

The hospital’s multi-year policy plan was created by the cooperation of several disciplines within the hospital. First, the wishes of many stakeholders were listed. Subsequently, a great deal of employees, from medical specialists to nurses, from the board of directors to managers, contributed to the elaboration of a clear multi-year policy plan.

As a bright dot on the horizon the hospital wants to accomplish , the following ambition:

“To belong to the best hospitals of the region, providing regional and selected super-regional patient care.”

The following explanation compliments the ambition:
“Best”: provide effective (professional), safe, and efficient (cost-conscious) integrated care.
“Hospital”: class regional hospital with selected super-regional functions.
“Region”: the Caribbean, including Venezuela and Colombia.

How we want to achieve this is expressed in our vision and reads as follows:

“We, HOH, provide reliable care to our patients. Together with our partners, we do so professionally, in a patient-oriented way, within a sound management.”

The realization of the Multi-Year Policy Plan 2014-2017 of the hospital is a team effort and therefore our motto is:
“Hunto miho”… Better together!

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