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The Children’s Ward is a special ward within the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal where children are admitted. Our ward does everything to make your stay and that of your child as comfortable as possible. Thus, the children will stay in a room with children their own age, and you as a parent can visit your child as often as you want. Playing, having your parents, brothers and sisters nearby or having visitors over are things that are quite normal at home, and therefore in our hospital as well. The Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal finds it very important that children and parents feel safe at our ward. For example, one parent is able to stay overnight with their child and visit whenever they can. Other visitors can come over visit during visiting hours.

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We promote parental participation, because it leads to fast recovery and a feeling of safety of the child in a foreign environment. However, if the parents cannot be there for whatever reason, we will gladly accept the task of taking care of, supporting and guiding your child, so that they feel safe and secure.

As a parent, you will be as involved as you are at home. That does not change. Reading a book, helping when getting dressed and washed or eating together. All those daily activities simply continue in our hospital. Whether your child is admitted to our ward for just a day or for a longer period, we will do everything to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for your child and you. We do so by offering child-friendly facilities and by providing the best nursing and medical care. Reporting, both orally and in writing, takes place in Dutch. In addition, our employees speak Papiamento, English and Spanish.

Furthermore, we endeavor to make sure that the experience of your child is as little traumatic as possible. The activities center is an important element, where they can play and just forget for a while that they are in a hospital. The clown doctors visit twice a week. By now, they have become an important element of your child’s stay in the hospital.

To make their time in the hospital as enjoyable as possible we try to celebrate all children’s activities such as Carnival, Easter, Children’s Day, Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas and many more, which they have to miss at home because of their hospitalization.