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Entrance E.R. Department

The Emergency Entrance has moved to the front where previously the Helipad was located. As you can see, they changed the Helipad to an U-shape form and placed canopies and a road for the ambulance to enter. This entrance is also for patients that use the Rehabilitation Department, Heart/Lung Function Department, Wound care, and for the donors of the Blood bank




Entrance Deliveries


In order to commence with the new bed tower (NBT) we had to close the entrance to the Emergency department which was also the entrance for deliveries. The entrance for deliveries to the warehouse is now located at the back of the Hospital opposite of Aquawindie’s. 



Entrance Dialysis Clinic and the PAAZ

In order to start with the new bed tower (NBT) the entrance to the Emergency department which was also the entrance to the Dialysis and PAAZ department had to be relocated.

Follow these instructions in order to reach the PAAZ, Dialysis Clinic:
Step 1 & 2: use the new entrance opposite Aquawindie’s, ± 100m further down the road.
Step 3 & 4: There are signs and security guards that can further guide you to your destination at the Hospital.




New Employee Parking Lot

In order to start the construction of the new bed tower a new employee parking lot had to be constructed in order to close off that area. The new employee parking lot is located in the front/West side of the main Hospital building, next to the visitor’s parking.