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Medical Office Building

The Medical Office Building (MOB) is located at the front of the Hospital upon entering the premises on your right hand side. This 3 story building is where most specialists will be located in the future. As it is right next to the Hospital it will be easier for patients to be close to any necessary Hospital care .
Currently it is used to house other departments, such as the heart and lung department, wound care, pre-screening and several staffing departments on the 1st floor. This will be temporary as  they renovate the current Hospital building 

Progress of the New Patient Bed Tower


The Central Energy Plant

The Central Energy Plant will include all the necessary equipment to provide utilities and medical gases to the Hospital. This building will also include the future Hospital’s warehousing.


New Back Entrance

In order to close the entrance to the Emergency department, not only a new employee parking lot had to be constructed, but also a new road & entrance for patients to the Dialysis Clinic, the PAAZ, for deliveries and for employees working in the offices at the back of the Hospital.

Follow these instructions in order to reach the PAAZ, Dialysis Clinic and also for warehouse deliveries:
Step 1 & 2: use the new entrance opposite Aquawindie’s, ± 100m further down the road.
Step 3 & 4: There are signs and security guards that can further guide you to your destination at the Hospital.