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The Medication Safety Committee is an organization wide committee promoting and advancing a culture of medication safety as a priority across the dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal. 

This committee is under the leadership of intensive care specialist dr. R. Seegers. The members of this committee consists of a cluster manager, care manager, unit doctors and nurses.

For the safety of our patients the Hospital introduced a few years ago a Medication Passport. This is a very important tool for all patients who are on medication. We kindly ask you to download it, print it and have it all times with you. It is very important to always update your list of medication which will help the doctor give you the best care possible when you arrive at the Hospital.

Click here for the medication passport.

The Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal (HOH) is the only hospital on Aruba. The official opening of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital took place in January 1977. The Hospital has a capacity of 288 beds and offers all major medical specialism’s such as Pediatrics, Gynecology, Urology, Internal medicine, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Cardiology and much more. It has a Wound Care Clinic, a Dialysis Clinic, an inpatient/outpatient Oncology department and a Rehabilitation Center.

The Hospital admits more than 10,000 patients per year and the Emergency Department attends more than 32,000 patients per year.
The HOH has the following patient care units:

  • General ward: 6 beds/room
  • Semi-private: 2 beds/room
  • Private: 1 bed/room
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / Medium Care Unit (MCU) / Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
  • Pediatric ward
  • Delivery and maternity ward
  • Ambulatory care
  • Psychiatric ward (long stay or ambulatory care)

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In 2006, the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal proudly introduced a Calamity team (“HVT”) that can act in the event of calamities. The Calamity team can assist in fighting a starting fire and providing first aid, as well as in evacuating victims and giving instructions to persons that are in the building.

Because of the geographic location the hospital has chosen to form its own Calamity team to perform certain preparatory tasks awaiting the arrival of professional help, and to reduce the impact of calamities. The members of the “HVT” are all hospital employees who have the advantage of being very familiar with the facilities.

The members are selected from within all sectors of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal in order that “HVT” members are 24/7 available in the building. The “HVT” members are  trained in prevention, internal emergencies, and calamities.

For more information, please contact Milka Schoop, Manager Security, by telephone (+297) 527 4720 or email

The Patient Advisory Council (PAR) of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal represents the interests of patients who visit the hospital or use its facilities. The members of the council are representatives of a patient organization or patient group.

What does the PAR do?

The PAR gives solicited or unsolicited advice to the Board of Directors of the Hospital on the quality of patient care. The well-being of patients and visitors is of utmost importance. The PAR advices on how to improve care and services to patients and visitors.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • quality and safety of care offered
  • waiting times
  • patient information and communication

Composition PAR

The members of the PAR are:

  • Ms. Ilienne Mansur (chairman)
  • Mrs. Ivi Hernandez-Swaen (vice-chairman)
  • Mrs. Marieke van der Linden-Bezemer (member)
  • Mrs. Marisol Chong-Tromp (member)
  • Mr. Mario Boekhoudt (member)
  • Mr. Frank Velazquez (member)
  • Mrs. Bianca Mezas-Robles (member)
  • Ms. Carmen Velazquez (secretary)

The members of the PAR meet 6 times per year and twice a year with the Board of Directors of the Hospital.

More information

Do you, as a patient or visitor of the Hospital, have ideas or suggestions on how we can further improve the quality of our patient care please contact the PAR.
Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital (HOH)
Attn. Patiënten Advies Raad
p/a Carmen Velazquez
Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Boulevard #1, Oranjestad, Aruba
Tel. 527-4157 / Mobile phone 592-9064

The hospital’s multi-year policy plan was created by the cooperation of several disciplines within the hospital. First, the wishes of many stakeholders were listed. Subsequently, a great deal of employees, from medical specialists to nurses, from the board of directors to managers, contributed to the elaboration of a clear multi-year policy plan.

As a bright dot on the horizon the hospital wants to accomplish , the following ambition:

“To belong to the best hospitals of the region, providing regional and selected superregional patient care.”

The following explanation compliments the ambition:
“Best”: provide effective (professional), safe, and efficient (cost-conscious) integrated care.
“Hospital”: class regional hospital with selected superregional functions.
“Region”: the Caribbean, including Venezuela and Colombia.

How we want to achieve this is expressed in our vision and reads as follows:
“We, HOH, provide reliable care to our patients. Together with our partners, we do so professionally, in a patient-oriented way, within a sound management.”

The realization of the Multi-Year Policy Plan 2014-2017 of the hospital is  a team effort and therefore our motto is: “Hunto miho”… Better together!

The Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal has a Supervisory Board. The position, number of members, and how the members are appointed and dismissed has been regulated in the bylaws of the foundation “Stichting Ziekenverpleging Aruba” (SZA).

The Supervisory Board of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal supervises the implementation by the Board of Directors of the general policy and the general affairs at the hospital. The Supervisory Board also advises the Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Board of the SZA  currently consists of the following members:

  • Mr. Gino M. Goeloe
  • Mr. Edwin L. Tromp
  • Mr. Raymond Buckley
  • Mr. Richard Frank
  • Mrs. Luenne Gomez-Pieters
  • Mr. Emile Weststrate

The Foundation known as "Stichting Ziekenverpleging Aruba" operates the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal.

The Board of directors currently consists of:

- Chief Financial Officer: Drs. M. (Theo) de Kool, RA         

 - Chief Medical Officer: Ezzard Cilié, MSc

The Board of Directors has the final responsibility for managing the day to day business and general affairs of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal, with regards to finances and also the quality of care. The Board of directors is supported by a Secretary of the Board of Directors and an administrative office.

The Board of directors is accountable to the Supervisory Board.

The Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal was initially a Catholic hospital. However, as it is the only hospital on the island, it is open to patients of all denominations. Our hospital’s history dates back to 1920, when the Dominican sisters established the first hospital in Aruba (San Pedro di Verona).

This first hospital was in downtown Oranjestad, which now used as a nursing home for the elderly. The current hospital was taken into use in late 1976. The official opening of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital took place in March 1977. The hospital was named after the first Aruban doctor, Mr. Horacio E. Oduber MD. Before the opening of San Pedro di Verona Hospital, doctor Oduber treated patients at his home (Quinta del Carmen, located at Bubali). This building still exists and was  restored to its original state by a local architect who still lives there.

Given the island’s history, it will not surprise you that many Dutch influences can be recognized in the organization and implementation of care in Aruba. The small scale entails that the hospital is at the center of health care in Aruba.